Top Ten QR Code Uses -Add your idea to the comments section!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in QR Code
  1. Business Cards – recipient scans the code to import your contact info or visit your website (
  2. Place them on your products – every product that walks out your door should have a QR Code.  Imagine the blast of traffic your website, blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account would receive.  Would your clients appreciate a how to, or informative video on some of your products?  Scan and watch! (
  3. Website – forward the link to your Facebook, twitter, or even a video of your choice. (
  4. Magazine/Newspaper Ad – scan the code to start a video, link to your facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.
  5. House/Land For Sale Signs – add scan code that launches video or photo tour of the house (
  6. Luggage – add your scan code to your luggage (
  7. Facebook – scan code directs to profile (
  8. Twitter- Scan code to go to profile, and follow(
  9. LinkedIn Page – add your scan code with your contact info(
  10. Company Vehicle– lead them right to your website!(
  1. They can be used as clues in a scavenger hunt for non-profit benefit activities, personal ads (kind of cheesy but I bet it would work) on a t-shirt, to announce special events on a store/restaurant window; to text schedule changes for a class, to link to a reward when people opt in to an SMS advert list
    Just a few of my thoughts as a mobile marketer.

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