QR Codes for Real Estate 101

Posted: October 25, 2010 in QR Code
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QR code is a printed computer language that anyone with a smartphone (blackberry, Iphone, android etc) can scan and be directed to any website instantly right on their phone.   When a QR sticker is placed on your sign, or your rider, a prospective client can scan it and instantly receive the information on that property.  You would want a different code for each property.  Many Realtors are placing a Sticker on their vehicle to send people directly to their website, facebook page, or Twitter.
At a conference, it would be quite savvy of you to pass out the temporary tattoos and direct people to your facebook or website to show the attendees how the system works!
It is highly recommended that you visit goo.gl in the text box enter the full address of the website you would like the code to direct to.  Click on “shorten”  This will then give you the shortened URL.  If you paste this URL in your address bar, and add a “.qr” to the end of it (for example if the shortened link is goo.gl/Pldg …then your would type goo.gl/Pldg.qr and press enter.  This will give you an actual QR code image.  You can scan this with your smartphone by downloading any Barcode reader, usually free from your application store on your smartphone.

I recommend that you personally visit goo.gl and shorten your own URLs because then you can actually track how many clicks each URL receives when you are signed into your Google account.
Take the URL and enter it into the URL field in the order form on StickerScan.com.  We adjust the size to fit the design and will ship your order out within 48 hours.

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