House Hunting QR Code Technology Goes Mainstream

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

The days of waiting for a REALTOR to send you a list of homes that fit your needs are over. These days the “tech savvy” buyers are depending more and more on technology. There are multiple free apps on the market that will assist you in the hunt for the perfect house.

Buyers can get out their smart phone, input how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and even neighborhoods they are interested in and will instantly receive a map, or a list of homes in the desired area that match their needs. After reviewing the list, they can then drive by the top picks.

The buyer drives by a home that looked appealing on their list, and on the yard sign is a QR code (Quick Response Code). A QR Code is a two-dimensional code readable by QR scanners available as a free app on Smart phones. The code consists of black squares in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or video. When the buyer scans the code, they are directed to a mobile optimized website that includes ALL of the information about the home, and even a video tour of the home.

Sounds like Real Estate Agents are going to have to catch up with all of this technology quick! Any Tech Savvy Business person knows that mobile is quickly becoming the future of the internet. The most current info states that mobile web use will surpass regular internet use by the year 2015 or sooner.

With this exciting information in mind, what if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing? There are multiple services online offering packages that allow you to upload your listings to their website. They will provide you with the QR codes and you even get to take on yet another monthly fee.

I personally see a few issues with that route. First is the monthly fee. QR codes are free! What you really paying for is the use of their mobile optimized site because your site is outdated. Get with the program people! The REALTORS that embrace all of this new technology will survive, and the ones that don’t will go away. If your personal website needs updating, then take the necessary steps, and get it ready for the millions of Smartphone users that will be attempting to visit you on your website in the next few years. Have you ever been on the mobile internet and landed on a page that was not ready for mobile viewing? Those websites take longer to load; they don’t look right on your screen. When I hit one of these sites, I move on and don’t waste my time.

Another selling point for these paid QR code services is the analytics and statistics they provide. Simple services at will give you basic information like how many times the code was scanned. As the marketing director for a Real Estate Group, I just don’t have time to type in all the data, upload all of the pictures, and the video tour. I am a big fan of automation, and I already loaded all the data into my site.

So what was my solution for utilizing QR codes without a new monthly bill? There is an excellent website at that offers All Weather QR code stickers (perfect for yard signs) at a very reasonable price. They also offer customized QR code T Shirts, Sign Riders, Yard Signs, Coffee Mugs, mouse pads etc. Their customer service is phenomenal, and they are clearly passionate about QR codes!

We Have added a QR code to yard signs, every brochure, and Craigslist posting on our 25 listings in Mid-Michigan. We also utilize the barcode technology from I will post more info about Stickybits soon as it is definitely worth talking about. The reaction has been phenomenal in regard to our “extreme savvyness”

Try Scanning the QR Code!

A common concern is that the general public doesn’t know how to scan a QR code. A few years ago we didn’t know what texting was, shortly before that we hadn’t heard of an email. Technology is moving fast. The average person in Japan scans 1 or more QR codes daily. I consider myself to be tech savvy, technology has always played a major role in my success, and I guarantee that this technology is going to play a huge part in the mobile revolution

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