What’s a QR code?



A QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or
two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and
camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square
pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL
or other data.

They have understand that with the
massive growth of the mobile device and
applications market, the potential customers, which are in hurry should
have the opportunity to get information on the fly to review it later
when it’s more convenient for them.

We all know those situation, we walk around the street and
come across an interesting product or offer.

In the most cases we do not have a pencil and a piece of paper to
write down the contact info to reach out to the seller later.

But we have our iPhone, Blackberry or any other smart phone,
maybe with a QR app installed!

If the seller has a QR Code placed to his offer
we simply scan this QR code with our smart phone and have all important
details we need to reach out to the seller later.
Scanbuy, the global leader in mobile barcode
solutions, released its latest ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report.

are some of the Mobile Barcode Trend Report key stats highlighted:  

  • Traffic was up 16x in
    2010 overall 
  • Traffic doubled since the last Trend
    Report in September 
  • UPC scanning outpaced 2D codes as a
    result of the holiday shopping season 
  • The largest scan days were the day
    after Thanksgiving (“Black Friday”) and Christmas Day (as people
    received gifts, many being new Smartphone’s) 
  • The top most used features for people
    scanning UPC codeshare Coupons, Prices, and Nutritional Info. This
    reflects previous learning that Food and Personal Care are the most
    scanned categories. 
  • There was a 13% increase in female to
    male traffic, and a 25% increase in the 25-54 age groups. This is
    likely indicative of how the technology is evolving, and going more
QR codes become more and more popular. They
are easy, cheap and quick to produce and can be used for any marketing
activity as traditional and interactive campaigns.
examples where QR codes are used:

  • Real estate agents  
  • Billboard Ads  
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns  
  • In-store displays  
  • Event ticketing and
  • Business cards  
  • Print ads  
  • Contests  
  • Direct mail campaigns  
  • Websites  
  • Email
  • Trade shows  
  • Conferences  
  • Tourism  
QR codes give marketers the ability to
measure response rates, which allows them to easily to calculate their
marketing profit.
are some popular users of QR codes:

  • U.S. Army  
  • Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum  
  • Lviv Tourism Movement (Ukraine)  
  • Sports Illustrated  
  • Tim McGraw and Dave Matthews  
To get your own QR code done is very
easy and the most services are online and free.

Source: http://inblurbs.com


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