One of the traditional ways Realtors market homes is by placing listings on the window of the office. It is definitely a good way to advertise your home since there are so many people walking by real estate offices every day, especially in high traffic areas. However, if they are simply walking by and an agent is not immediately available, how can you capture these potential buyers?

We all know that online marketing is becoming very important as majority of the buyers (nearly 90%!) start their home search on the Internet.  Almost everyone has a cell phone these days and so many people are upgrading them with smart phones.

We use QR-codes for a lot of our print material.  The reason is simple, print marketing is not very efficient.  So, in order to make it efficient you need to connect print marketing with online marketing.  QR-codes provide exactly that.  With a push of a button a buyer can see your listing on their mobile device and connect with a listing agent.  Ask your real estate agent if they will be using QR-codes to market your property.  Just like all other industries we have to be up to date with technology.

Tampa Bay Real Estate Blog by The HOME Team of Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.



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