Macy’s is looking to update its traditional print advertising campaign by infusing it with digital marketing elements through quick response codes, MediaPost reports.

Called the “Macy’s Backstage Pass,” consumers will be able to scan the 2D barcodes on promotional materials to get video clips online. These videos differ in content depending on where the QR codes are printing, and range from fashion advice to other consumer-related tips.

“We’re always looking to bring the magic of Macy’s closer to our customers,” company representative Orlando Veras told the source. “This is another way we can bring all that information into every store … We can’t bring fashion designers into every location, but we can bring it to our customers via mobile.”

Macy’s ran a similar promotion during the holiday season that asked users to take a photo of a barcode and text it to the brand. The new campaign will be much more comprehensive, however, and use a variety of mediums.

As the number of smartphone owners continues to rise, QR codes will become even more popular among advertising agencies. According to comScore, more than 60 million Americans have smartphones.


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