Avondale, an eco-friendly wine estate near Paarl, has added modern Quick Response (QR) codes to its newly-revamped range of hand-crafted organic wines. Avondale combines organic and biodynamic practices with the best that modern science has to offer to craft extraordinary slow wines.

A QR code is a modern barcode technology that is rapidly growing in popularity. Consumers can download an application for their smartphones or camera phones that allows them to ‘read’ the QR code. After taking a picture of the QR code with the application, consumers are automatically taken to a website where they can get more information about the wine, tasting notes, history and the wine-making process. It’s an easy way for consumers to get more information about wines in-store while deciding on which wines to purchase.

The newly-launched range of organic Avondale wines includes:

• Armilla, a joyous Brut full of the verve that comes from Avondale’s holistic wine-making process.

• A lively Chenin Blanc named Anima, with its own delicious, spirited character and finesse.

• Cyclus, denoting Avondale’s unique life energy swirling gently through this refreshing white blend.

•  Camissa, a fresh rose wine reflecting Avondale’s gratitude for the pure spring waters flowing to its wines.

• Samsara, a richly-flavoured Syrah representing the perpetual renewal and revitalisation of Avondale’s living system.

• The soft and supple La Luna, a classic red blend that reflects Avondale’s harmony with cosmic influences and rhythms.

• Navitas, the flagship red blend is the embodiment of Avondale’s unique luminescence and character.

For more information about Avondale and its range of ultra-premium, eco-friendly wines, visit http://www.avondalewine.co.za.

Source:  http://mediaupdate.co.za

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