In a move that looks like a pretty big game changer,  is test launching QR codes in it’s newspaper ads run with partners. If you’re not familiar with QR codes yet, you will be soon.  They’re the future of mobile marketing.

QR codes are square dot matrix pattern codes that look like a bar codes which popped.

Consider this about QR codes and what they make possible.

  • They were designed to be read at high speeds and are readable by camera phones. At least ones that have apps making them capable.
  • It seems that boocoo has a unique marketing advantage here by way of a very strong partnership with over 300 major print publications.
  • These papers,  which provide approximately 74 million dollars in annual advertising value to the new online auction platform, seem the perfect place to co-op on add space.
  • Scanning your phone over any QR encoded ad, will immediately call up the exact web page in your smart phone.
  • Where it comes in as an especially unique advantage for boocoo, is the fact that so much more mileage can be had from a massive ad campaign that is already slated. It magnifies the ad power and exposure at no cost.
  • Since boocoo is featuring the items of from individual sellers on the site, there’s good will  extolled by way of each seller having a mini free ad for their item and thus their brand.  (That is, it’s mini up until it gets scanned)
  • If boocoo and the print publications can see to it that a fair amount of seller’s items get rotated on a fresh basis, it would seem this would make it a no-brainer for new sellers with quality items to give the new auction site a try.
  • Apparently is already making headway in this area. As of this morning there are just over 53,000 listings on the site. It’s not an eBay killer, but so far it appears boocoo has appeal, tenacity and an eagerness to  please sellers.

Let’s see what happens.


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