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Although the  2D Quick Response code technology has been around for about 15 years,  it seems that with advent of smart phones, QR is starting to hit its stride.

One of the coolest things about QR codes is that they really provide businesses of all sizes equal opportunity.  This very powerful marketing tool has virtually no cost.  I know – the same thing can be said about Facebook, Twitter and a host of other Social Media applications.  The difference is the time investment.

Putting together a cohesive Facebook, Twitter, Blog, e-mail project requires not only an initial time sink, it also  requires a human resource to implement it – daily and indefinitely.  You don’t join a Social Media platform and then go on to something else.  To realize any benefits, someone in an organization (or an outside contractor) has to stay at is – continually spreading the word, interacting with the community, looking for opportunities to increase your influence level.

I’m  a huge believer in doing all of those things, but not all businesses are prepared to make the leap.

With QR codes, the time investment is almost completely front loaded.   The most time-consuming,and most vital, task is to set a strategy that fits into your overall business plan.  In other words, ask yourself exactly what information you want your QR codes to feed to the user.

QR can be used to deliver urls to your websites or pages, simple text info, your contact info, pdfs, a blog post, or a video.

If you happen to have a smart phone handy and you have a QR reader app, scan this QR and you’ll see the YouTube Video of B5 doing their take on “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf”.  To be fair, I’ve not forgotten you QR Non-Believers.  I’ve embedded the video at the end of this post.

Or try this one – it will take you to my Twitter Profile

There don’t seem to be any limits on what you can do with QR.  Once you decide what to scan and where to display it, the job is, for the most done.  You will need to do some kind of monitoring of the results in order to keep your self on track but that’s nothing in terms of the time you’ll spend on other new media apps.

If you need some assistance developing and implementing a QR campaign,  give me a shout.


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