Tattoo artist Levi Smith has begun inking into the flesh a QR code, or quick response code, which is similar to a bar  code.
The code is completely computer-generated, said Smith, of The Jade Monkey Tattoo in Phoenix. He said it is becoming more prevalent among businesses and publications to scan for information.
“Most people think I’m crazy,” said Anisha Jones, who has a tattoo code that can be scanned. Branding herself with one has not been a popular idea, she added.
When CBS 5 News canvassed some people in downtown Phoenix, they found that to be the case for many.
“That’s absurd,” responded one person.
“No, I don’t see myself doing that,” said another.
The tattoo code can be scanned by smart phones and can be linked to a web page or other text sources.
In 10 years, some say they might be found on driver’s licenses or student IDs.
“It’s something different that nobody else would have. It’s my tattoo and no one else can have it,” said Jones.
Critics fear there could be security concerns, and to some the stamp represents danger or even evil. “Three friends of mine have called me the anti-Christ for wanting to do this, like equating this to some sort of mark of the beast,” said Smith.
But to some others, the designer skin is in, and a permanent passport to tomorrow.  “For me, I think it’s a really interesting kind of novelty that helps us come to terms with our high-tech lives, our social media Internet lifestyles,” said Smith.
  1. BrothaTech says:

    I would only get a qr code tatt if I could redirect the url to something different. Wouldn’t want the path to be permanent, just the code

  2. christy says:

    I personally think it’s awesome

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