Forrester Research has outlined 10 trends that they see happening in the Mobile space over the next year.  Some of it isn’t too surprising, but it is a great summary of where that market is moving.  And again, while most of the predictions are relative to what is happening in the consumer market space, it is inevitable that mobile will continue to exert an equally powerful influence influence within the enterprise too.

  • As mobile picks up, so do revenues from mobile advertising.  Forrester estimates mobile ad revenues to exceed $1 billion in 2011.
  • As smartphone hardware prices continue to drop, the number of smartphone owners will rise even more dramatically
  • The mobile market will continue fragmented into the foreseeable future:  Android, Apple iPhone and Symbian.
    The various versions of these systems and the many hardware device screen sizes mean that developers will have a difficult time creating and supporting mobile applications that run on more than one of the systems
  • HTML5 will become more pervasive as the main content delivery technology
  • Forrester has broadened the term ‘mobile’ to include not only smartphone handheld devices but also thin tablets, like the iPad, and even eReaders, like the Kindle
  • Facebook will be able to leverage its huge size to squeeze out stand-alone location-based social networks, like Fouresquare.
  • More and more, mobile will also use ‘near field communications’ to enable mobile payments by allow smartphones to interact with contact terminals.  Micro payments will become more pervasive
  • Casual mobile gaming will continue to grow in 2011
  • 4G networks, like Verizon Wireless, will be rolled out this year, but hardware to take advantage of it will lag the roll out.
  • Forrester cautions companies to wise-up to mobile and begin to include mobile as part of their marketing and support activities to interact with their customers.
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  2. KJ says:

    Good info, thanks for sharing!

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