QR codes are a kind of two dimensional matrix barcode that need special QR barcode readers, though the latest camera phones are also able to decode them. Though they were created some time ago, it is only very recently that they have started being more commonly used and are likely to become even more popular in the near future. This is because QR codes offer more advantages than linear barcodes and their capacity to store more data makes them more sought after. Some of the advantages include:

  1. QR codes can be read anytime, anywhere with mobile phones – This makes them so easy to decode and convenient since special scanners are not required and the camera of mobile phones can scan and present the information contained in the codes.
  2. Quick response through QR codes – Though developed a decade ago in Japan to meet the needs of businesses for inventory control, they are now making inroads into multiple other uses in Europe and are gradually catching on in the US as well.
  3. Multiple uses of these codes – Simplify access and without having to type anything, it is now possible to
  • Visit websites
  • See text and images
  • Send emails and messages
  • Dial telephone numbers

The present technology requires the downloading of an app to make this possible, but with new research these will come preloaded in mobile phones.

  1. Numerous apps available to read QR codes – There are tens of apps that help to read QR codes on mobile phones, with some specific ones available exclusively for the Blackberry, iPhone and other smart phones. Most of these apps can be downloaded free of cost.
  2. QR Codes on Social media sites – QR codes can be generated and linked to profiles on social networks like Facebook and this eases the sharing of identities. QR codes can be printed onbusiness cards as well.
  3. Advertising prospects with QR codes – It is possible to use the potential offered by QR codes to advertise in the fashion world, jewelry and other products. QR codes stored on customers’ phones will serve as a future reference and prove beneficial to both parties.
  4. QR codes used in the hospitality segment – Yields excellent results due to ease of accessibility. The codes are seen on many locations next to the name and these coded locations become easier to identify. Customer ratings become easier by just clicking on the QR code next to it. Even restaurants can place these codes on their menus and give details about ingredients etc to customers.
  5. QR codes prove most beneficial in retail – They facilitate purchases. Movie theatres allow phone bookings and the ticket is sent as a QR code which when scanned at the gate allows entry. Codes on product labels gives details of ingredients and other information.
  6. Real estate deals – These can also use QR codes on sale signs and get all the required details about the property.

QR codes hold promise of facilitating numerous services and make things easier for users.

About The Author

Neil JonesNeil Jones is head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of Europes leading providers to the data capture industry. Specializing in handheld computers like the Motorola LS2208 and Motorola MC70.

Source: slodive.com

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